Monday, April 16, 2018

"I Celebrate Life" Tour Begins Next Week!

Hi Friends!

So excited that the "I Celebrate Life" Tour begins next week!  Here is a great promotional video for the show and I hope you can join us!  If you're not in the area, the first show, at Caffe Lena, is live streamed on Concert Window.  We start at 7:00 Eastern time, and the tickets to stream the show are only $3.00!  Click Here to Live Stream on April 26!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Winter News

FolkWorks Roots Festival ~ “I Celebrate Life” Tour ~River Tunes Music Camp….All Coming Up!


FolkWorks Roots Festival March 24
“I Celebrate Life” Tour Coming in April
River Tunes This Summer!

Hey Good Friends!

The New Year is filling up with some amazing new opportunities and adventures!

FolkWorks Folk Roots Festival Meets Fundraising Goal!
Great news to report that the FolkWorks Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the FolkRoots Festival March 24 was a huge success, exceeding their goal!  Thanks to all who contributed.

I’m looking forward to presenting my workshop at the festival at 10:00 am “The Art of the Unaccompanied Voice” all about a cappella singing styles and techniques.  Come join me there, and then join us in the afternoon when Tom Corbett will join Mark Indictor, Fred Sanders and I for a main stage set.  Visit the Festival Website Here

“I Celebrate Life” Tour Starts April 26!
I’m very excited to announce the dates for the “I Celebrate Life” Tour with Dan Schatz, Jon Pickow and Kenny Kosek this spring!  Our tour will commence on Thursday, April 26 at the historic Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY and this concert will be streamed live on Concert Window!  We then go to Folkfactory in Philadelphia and then finish up at the Folklore Society of Greater Washington DC.  Hope you can join us!  Go to our “Calendar” page to check the dates, times, locations and all the info!

River Tunes Music Camp Presents Guest Artist!
I’m really thrilled to report that I’ve been asked to present at Joe Craven’s River Tunes Music Camp this summer in Northern California!  This is a great and unique music immersion with amazing teachers and experiences for all.  I’ll be presenting my workshop on The Art of the Unaccompanied Voice in two sessions.    There’s more information below and I hope you will join us there.   Registration is now open!  Visit the RiverTunes Website Here

For more information on upcoming shows and workshops Make Sure to Check our Website Here and click on the “Calendar” page.  More fun things are on the horizon for us this year ~ travel and new places and new goals.  As always, we hope to see you down the road and share the love of music in community!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Chapter, New Verses

Introducing the Susie Glaze New Folk Ensemble, Americana Folk Fusion

Dear Friends,

The other morning I walked outside and distinctly felt a difference in the air ~ that oh so subtle shift that comes with the very beginning of the season changing.  It was just a faint change ~ in light, the texture of the air ~ but knowing what it brings, this small change always represents something much larger on the way.  

We hope you've had a great summer.  When we last wrote to you in April we were preparing to travel to the great Merlefest music festival in early May.  The festival was a great experience!  We were so wonderfully taken care of there, and were so excited to be performing amongst some of the best musicians in the world.  

The news we bring this month is that, like the season, our band is evolving. Our lead guitarist and composer, Rob Carlson, has made the decision to leave performing and concentrate on songwriting, and his songs will continue to make up a large share of our repertoire. We've been re-grouping through the summer and some exciting things are taking place, mainly with new collaborations with brand new partners in music.  And in our soul-searching summer, we also realized that we wanted very much to change our name.  We wanted our name to reflect the folk-dominated sound we produce, music we love and are developing.  The Hilonesome Band will now be known as (drumroll!)......The Susie Glaze New Folk Ensemble.  I hope you like it because the new stationery is already at the printers!  :) 

The New Folk Ensemble will make its debut as a performing quartet on Saturday, October 8 at the FolkWorks Folk and Roots Festival in Santa Monica.  Come out and support FolkWorks, a wonderful organization that has been energetically and devotedly supporting folk music in Southern California for so long!  Lots of great talent on the bill, dance, workshops (I'm teaching singing!), jamming, folk films, craft vendors, silent auction and a beer and wine bar! Check it out and plan to join us!  You can find details on our Our Show Calendar Page

New Partners
As mentioned above, we've started work with several great musicians who are new to us, and we're cooking up some great shows and tours.  First to mention is our friend Glenn Houston, lately of the Bay area's Houston Jones Band.  Any of you who have heard and seen Glenn play will testify to the fact that he is a phenomenal talent!  Our debut show featuring Glenn will be at none other than the venerable McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica on Saturday, October 22.  And look for news of shows coming up as we develop our new repertoire with Glenn. 

The Good Intentions
Next up is another very cool collaboration, this one with the U.K.'s Americana super group, The Good Intentions.  Steve and I are debuting as a duo for the first time ever, and we'll be joined by this great husband and wife duet.  Their work is centered around the original songwriting of Peter Davies, guitarist, and lead vocal, supported by harmony vocals from Gabrielle Monk, who also plays autoharp and accordion. Their songs have an old time feel with memorable tunes, clear harmonies, thoughtful lyrics, and traditional instrumentation.  When we first played together last year we realized that our work was complimentary and so hatched an idea behind this perfect fit!  We're appearing with the Good Intentions at The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena on Friday, October 21, and will debut this collaboration as a two-duo show (with help from a few local  friends) that night!  Also, this will be a CD release concert for the Good Intentions so come get your brand new copy of their new record!  And if all goes well, we'll be off across the pond next year!

Joe Craven and the Sometimers
There are more collaborations on the way, including with our great friend and brilliant musician, Joe Craven, for two shows in November. We're looking forward to presenting with Joe for the first time, with his fabulous new trio, The Sometimers.

Thank you kind readers and fans for sticking with our group over the years.  Your support and fandom has meant the world.  You help me keep going!  Now let me thank you in person at a show!  Check out the shows on our Show Calendar Page and plan to join us!  

Friday, February 21, 2014

February/March News

Our new concert series continues Friday March 7 at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in on!  

Hi again, Friends,  

Well, our first two "Woodshed Sessions" are under our belt, with the series beginning in January.  The series has been a big success so far.  We’re continuing to debut brand new songs with each show and have some exciting new material for our March 7th show, where we’re delighted to welcome our good friend Tracy Newman as our special guest. 

"The Woodshed Sessions" will be our new "workout room" where we debut new songs we're writing and preparing for a new album, just to get them on their feet.  Also each month we'll be featuring a different local songwriter we love who will also be bringing new works to the stage.  The shows will be relaxed and living-room like in the spirit of experimentation and innovation.  

Visit the Coffee Gallery website at and 
THEN CALL 626-798-6236 to make your reservations!

Other NewsBits:

Top Ten Americana Albums for 2013 on No Depression
Our newest album "White Swan" is on No Depression's Top 10 albums for 2013!  Read It Here on No Depression! 

Earbits Radio
Our music has been selected for airplay on Earbits Radio!  Check it out here!

Charting on Roots Music Report 
“White Swan” is now charting on the combined internet and terrestrial chart for The Roots Music Report’s Weekly Top 50 California Album Chart for the Week of Feb 15, 2014.  Check it out!

Pandora Radio ~ Find the Hilonesome Band on Pandora!
Mac users also look for us on the new iTunes Radio.  

Boulevard Music Teaching
I've been put on the roster at Boulevard Music in Culver City as a voice instructor, teaching vocal technique for bluegrass and folk music styles in private sessions. Call Boulevard Music to schedule your voice lessons!  Visit 

"Singin' the Moon Up" on FolkWorks  
My latest column is now posted on FolkWorks, this month about Jean Ritchie's favorite song from "Old Christmas," the Southern Harmony's  "Brightest and Best." 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Shifting Skies ~ Seasons Moving - October News

"The dreams of my life are so simple and few...
Just to be back with you, back with the heartland."   ~ Denise Hagan, "Heartland"

Hey Friends,

Wow, it's already Autumn...doesn't it seem like it snuck up on you?  It does me, although I'm always happy to have it arrive.  I've been reading Linda Ronstadt's fine memoir, "Simple Dreams" and really enjoying it.  I recommend it if you would like to read about one of the true ground zero locations of the development of country rock in the sixties-seventies.  Kind of amazing that such ground-breaking work all got done in such a small area of the world ~ The Troubador in LA!! 

And the shifting sands are already moving beneath us...

I've also been inspired by our busy wood-shedding at the house these last couple of months.  Since coming off tour in July, and after some R&R, the guys and I have become enraptured of our new songs.  Many of them have emerged from our songwriter in residence, Rob Carlson, who has pulled out a treasure trove of songs that seem to have been waiting for us to discover them.  First off, I have to tell you about the great new instrumental "Independence" that will open our show at McCabe's ~ oh!  we are going back to McCabe's Guitar shop on November 16!  More about that below (and our cool new poster is above - thanks to Russ Paris for the design!)  ~ it sounds like the opening of a great, epic, cinematic adventure!

Then there's a song that Rob wrote for me called "Not That Kind of Girl" that we debuted at the Labor Day Harvest Fest at Bedford Winery.  So much fun ~ a real swinging and sweet old fashioned love song.  Mark Indictor, our amazing fiddler, brought us Denise Hagan's gorgeous song "Heartland," a bittersweet song about the pull and tug of feelings for going back to your land of birth and the life you have made outside of it.   Steve Rankin is going to literally "rev it up" for his lead vocal on Rob's fabulous rockabilly song "427" (this is about a car, I'm told...).  There is also a possibility of yours truly actually singing a rock and roll song called "Never Give Up" which the guys are urging me to get ready.  So I'm working hard on that one. And some older, new favorites (you'll see, just come to the show!), Fred's "Take Me Along," the whimsical "Don't Resist Me" and Steve on lead on the David Olney classic "Millionaire."  Check out our great music video of this song from our tour last May on our Home or Video page.

We're really excited and happy about our return to the finest acoustic venue in all of Los Angeles, the famed and famous McCabe's Guitar Shop, on November 16.  I've also got a singing workshop planned for that day and I hope you'll call and sign up.  Also in November we're going to shoot a music video of our song "April Fools" from our most recent release "White Swan."  

In January we'll be starting a new series at the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena, on four first Fridays, we're calling "The Woodshed Sessions" featuring our new material as well as one guest songwriter each month, bringing us their new songs in development.  It will be cutting edge!  So stay tuned for that.

Later this fall I'll also be telling you about a show I'm producing as a benefit for the Howard Larman Scholarship Fund of the FAR-West Folk Alliance Regional organization (FAR-West Website).  A very worthy cause indeed, so please make plans to join us on Saturday, January 25th at the Thousand Oaks Library.  A stellar line up of music will attend!

Other NewsBits:
 "White Swan" was Number 1 on the Top 50 Internet Folk Chart, Roots Music Report for all of August!

Pandora Radio ~ Find the Hilonesome Band on Pandora!  Here’s the link:

Teaching at Boulevard Music
I've been put on the roster at Boulevard Music in Culver City as a voice instructor, teaching vocal technique for bluegrass and folk music styles in private sessions. Call Boulevard Music to schedule your voice lessons! I look forward to seeing you there!  Find them at

New Column on FolkWorks
I'm proud of the new column on FolkWorks, sharing the great writing of our friend, Terry Roland, in his article "Unsung Heroes of Americana" which originally appeared in No Depression.  The article includes some wonderful video from Jean Ritchie's documentary on her life and work, "Mountain Born."   Find it at

As always we send you all our very best and hope to see you at a show!

Susie and the Hilonesome Band:  Mark Indictor, Rob Carlson, Steve Rankin and Fred Sanders

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

June 2013

Hey Friends,

Lots going on here in Hilonesome Land this late spring/early summer!

Our first music video is ready and we're really proud of the great work done by SunDog Studio on this project for our recording of Ernest Troost's song "Harlan County Boys" from our new album "White Swan." 

Speaking of "White Swan" we have a great new review up on No Depression thanks to Terry Roland ~ here's an excerpt: 

"From the earthy opening fiddle strains on White Swan to the final song's sweet homage to Appalachian singer-songwriter Jean Ritchie, it's clear this is not an album to listen to once and put away.  Susie Glaze and The Hilonesome Band have made an album that is a ride through a wide range of Americana meadows and valleys. From skilled instrumentation bluegrass jams, Appalachian vocals, sweet high lonesome harmonies and old-time folk influences, White Swan sings with the richness of a tapestry of American music that weaves together each genre through  song-craft, clear production and authentic performance in such a seamless way, it feels like we're hearing just one genre; great American music...With an already considerable string of successful albums behind them, White Swan brings Susie Glaze and Hilonesome Band to a new and rare place for a band veteran traditional musicians; a breakthrough album stepping into new musical territory.  As the final track, Jean Ritchie's "The Soldier," echoes with the Appalachian fiddle and Glaze's haunting voice, it's clear this album is a rare and timeless gem and one of 2013's best Americana albums."

Find the entire review here:  No Depression Reviews "White Swan"

We Have a Pandora Channel!

We've gotten our channel on Pandora up and running!  See below news item and link over to the Pandora radio channel!  Pandora Radio for Susie Glaze & the Hilonesome Band 

Teaching at Boulevard Music!

I'm happy to announce that I've been put on the roster at Boulevard Music in Culver City as a voice instructor, teaching vocal technique for bluegrass and folk music styles in private sessions. Call Boulevard Music to schedule your voice lessons! I look forward to seeing you there! Visit Boulevard Music Online

Writing ~ New Column For FolkWorks

I've started a new column for the online music magazine Folkworks called "Singin' the Moon Up."  It'll be a bi-monthly posting about Appalachian music and often featuring reflections on my friend Jean Ritchie and her music legacy. The new column for May/June has just been published, dedicated to Jean's fine song "West Virginia Mine Disaster."

Read the Latest Column Here on Folkworks for a special announcement about a very special CD tribute project also coming soon.

Special House Concert  ~ June 1

We're thrilled to be returning to Russ & Julie's House Concert series in Oak Park on June 1 with our dear friends Jeni & Billy, the great Nashville old-time duo.  Both J&B and we have new albums to share and we hope you'll join us!  It will be a really stellar evening of roots music from the hollars and the fields.  Russ & Julie's is the premier house concert series in Southern California and we always have a blast with these great hosts!

See you at the show, and online!
Susie and the Hilonesome Band


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

West Virginia Mine Disaster

Hello again, Friends,
I’d like to devote a blog to the great Jean Ritchie original song “West Virginia Mine Disaster.”

I first heard Jean herself perform this song several years ago at a music festival where we were appearing together.  It is sung a ccapella, and she did so, sitting in a chair under a tent with lots of folks listening.  It was transformative for me.  The story of a woman whose husband disappears into the mines one day never to return was one that hadn’t been told quite like that ever in my experience.  And, true to Jean’s introduction of the song when she sings it, it hadn’t ever been written from that perspective before either ~ of the woman’s view of things when a tragic accident falls on a mining community. 

Jean always says that when she ever heard of a story that didn’t have a song to go with it (as was always the case when she was growing up in Eastern Kentucky), she knew she had to write one.

So this is how Jean introduces the song and it’s now what I say to audiences of my own: 

“When a mining accident occurred in the neighboring state of West Virginia, it came to my mind that all the mining disaster songs were about the places, the men’s names and the dates.  None of them told how the women felt when they had to stay home. It was taboo then for women to go into the mines and the women would often wonder what goes on when the whistle blows off time.”

Say did you see him going, it was early this morning?
He passed all your houses on the way to the coal.
He was tall, he was slender, and his dark eyes so tender,
His occupation was mining, West Virginia his home.
It was just before twelve, I was feeding the children.
Ben Mosely came running to give us the news;
Number eight is all flooded, many men are in danger,
And we don’t know their number, but we fear they’re all doomed.

So I picked up the baby and I left all the others
To comfort each other and pray for our own;
There’s Timmy, fourteen, and there’s John not much younger,
Their own time soon will be coming to go down the black hole.
O if I had the money to do more than just feed them,
I’d give them good learning, the best could be found,
Then when they grew up, they’d be checkers and weighers,
And not spend their time drilling in the dark underground.
O what can I say to his poor little children?
And what can I tell his old mother at home?
And what can I say to my heart that’s clear-broken?
To my heart that’s clear broken, if my darling is gone?
Say, did you see him going, it was early this morning?
He passed all your houses on the way to the coal,
He was tall, he was slender, and his dark eyes so tender,
His occupation was mining, West Virginia his home.
Jean’s beautiful recording of this song can be found on her 1971 album “Clear Waters Remembered.”   Clear Waters Remembered
It was also included on the marvelous soundtrack album to the PBS documentary “The Appalachians”  The Appalachians
I was lucky and honored to perform this song for Jean herself when we worked together on our 2005 Jean Ritchie tribute show “Singin’ the Moon Up: The Voice of Jean Ritchie” at Penn State.  Later that same year I began adding West Virginia to our regular concerts with the Hilonesome Band.  Here it is from The Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena, California:
Discussion of this song brings to mind the singing of a ccapella songs in the Appalachian style and tradition.  I was reminded of the power of this type of performance when seeing the Chieftains in concert recently.  Their percussionist came to the front of the stage early in their first set to sing un-accompanied, and it was powerful, pure and beautiful. 
In my research, I found that singing solo served a purpose in the country community:  it was always a time of quiet respite in the midst of noisy gatherings, and the singer would always tell a tale with his or her tune.  It was implicit that the story not be “acted out” but simply sung plainly:  heartfelt, yes, but not animatedly, as an actor would, “trying to put the song over.”  In my experience, either listening or singing, when the story is “told” this way it is more able to be vividly imaged by the listener.  The singer just simply needs to “get out of the way” and trust the song, trust its own integrity and life.  For me, it truly becomes an internal journey.  And to underline the spiritual nature of the performance, I would remind everyone that in fact, the old-time rural Baptist church didn’t allow accompaniments to their hymns, believing that God didn’t need the “decoration” for an expression from the human to the Divine. 

The Jean Ritchie Tribute Project

There’s some great news coming out of the East coast that I can let you know about! It’s the soon-to-be-announced tribute CD project to honor Jean Ritchie, produced by long-time colleagues and friends Dan Schatz, Charlie Pilzer and Mick Lane.  This CD project will be a treasure to honor Jean’s life's work and will feature new recordings of her original songs and songs from her family tradition, with all proceeds benefiting Jean as well as organizations that work against mountaintop removal.  Some wonderful and amazing artists are involved, and I eagerly await its official announcement.  I was honored and happy to be invited to sing on this project, and my recording of “West Virginia Mine Disaster” will be there. 
Please stay tuned for more news of this landmark album coming soon.
In the meantime, I send you blessings and love,